5 Easy Tips To Up Your Food Photography Game

Don't just stare at that beautiful food photography your Instagram feed, you too can become an amazing food photographer! Show off your dinner creations using these tips below:

1. Use Good Lighting

Lighting is key to creating the perfect shot, and natural light is always the best choice. Artificial lights like lamps can create an ugly orange tint on your photo, so stay away from that. 

2. Make it Shine

Fresh ingredients including fruits and vegetables always have a glow to it. Mist some water over your salads or brush some olive oil on top of your fruits and/or meats to create a fresh glossy look.

3. Less is More

Yes, I know you want everyone to know what a great chef you are. You try to fill up that entire plate of yours with a mountain of food- but believe me, sometimes less is more. Dress your plate with just enough ingredients so that it looks pleasing to the eye.

4. Tell a Story 

Add a little bit of YOU in the picture! Hold the spoon, lift the plate, place your favourite book next to it, show off the ingredients you used (like our seasonings), be creative! 

5. Keep Editing Simple

No point layering 5 different filters over the image. Manually adjust the exposure, contrast, and white balance. As long as the image is well lit, nicely contrasted and white balance, it will be a winning picture!


Now that you have these five easy tips on your repertoire, share your masterpiece on your social media with the hashtag #DeliciouSeasonings. 

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