Bacony veggies

Posted on January 06, 2016


Oh my! Imagine wrapping every single piece of vegetable with bacon. That is exactly how we do it at Deliciou, although we use our low calories, low fat, low sodium Bacon Seasoning instead! Prepare a guilt-free tray of roasted vegetables with mouthwatering Bacon Seasoning to spice up your healthy choices.

Got kids? These bacon flavoured veggies will make your kids scream for more, not less.

Roast a tray of vegetables in the oven for 20 minutes with or without some extra virgin olive oil and season with Bacon Seasoning when done. You will get addicted and eat a whole lot more greens.

What vegetables are good with Bacon Seasoning? Let's reverse the question. Which vegetable is not good with bacon? None. Put our Bacon Seasoning on ANY roasted vegetable. It will taste delicious.

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  • roslyn wilson: July 16, 2017
    veggies were loved by all the pickie people in my family
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