Bacony Mashed Potatoes

Posted on November 29, 2017


Add some excitement onto your everyday mash. You can't go wrong with bacon on potatoes!



      • Boil Potatoes until soft and tender
      • Mash potatoes until smooth
      • Add butter, milk. Sprinkle in a good amount of Deliciou's Bacon SeasoningMix until combined.
      • Serve and Enjoy!

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        • Myrna Klein: May 10, 2018

          I have already purchased all 4 of the Bacon Seasonings a while ago….I was interested in this video with the mashed potatoes using the Bacon Seasoning….Looks super yummy BUT there is NO mention of the “green bits” mixed through the mash!!!!
          Could that be chopped up spring onions or chopped parsley???
          Please let me know as the list of ingredients above doesn’t make mention of it at all…..
          Thanks…And once again – Your seasonings are delicious!!! Thanks…

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